Ridgeback Inu ($RIDGE)

Inspired by the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the most caring dog breed we have decided to create the $RIDGE token and make the Ridgeback Inu Community one of the largest crypto communities in the world.

We have the fastest growing crypto community with a lot of people who want to volunteer for our idea, support us in the crypto space and help us find the right destination for our next donation!

Our token is collecting tax from buying, selling and trading in our donations wallet and when a decent amount is accumulated, our community decides where do we donate next.


Available on LBank, Hotbit & other Non-KYC central exchanges. No fees and KYC (ID) verification is NOT required. You will need to deposit USDT to your LBank/Hotbit account. Mobile apps available.

$RIDGE is revolutionizing the cryptoverse!


9% of the taxes go to our Liquidity Pool (which is locked using Unicrypt for 6 months) to ensure the token is having a promising LP while we develop utilities.


Every holder will get 1% distribution of each transaction. Another 1% is being collected in our donations wallet for charity, animal shelters, supporting talents, etc.


2% goes to Marketing wallet (in tokens). We want to ensure that our marketing & influencers team is happy!

 We already have top Influencers working for us full time and we have met most of them in person or a video call.


All taxes are being collected in $RIDGE tokens in the Charity (Donations) wallet and in the Marketing wallet.

Only a small amount will be converted to $ETH every day as per our needs, so that we do not hurt the chart.

Uniswap tax

$Ridge taxes are subject to change according to market conditions. However, we as a doxxed team guarantee that taxes won’t exceed 14% during normal market conditions and 20% during market downtrends. Furthermore, taxes will be decreasing gradually as we grow in marketcap!

Being an ERC-20 token make sure you are on Ethereum network and only use the contract from this website!

  • Decimals: 9
  • Name: Ridge
  • Symbol: RIDGE

10% of the total supply left for DEX & CEX listings

10% of the total supply burned and more is burnt from reflections

5% developers & ambassadors allocation locked 1 year


Liquidity is locked for 1+ year with UniCrypt

Dev allocation is locked with team.finance

Marketing reserve is locked with team.finance

Slippage: 13% 

1% is dedicated to rewards. 1% goes to charity. 9% is dedicated to liquidity. 2% goes to marketing.

PHASE 1 - Q4 2021

Launch $RIDGE with a strong community and individually speak to every holder or meet them on VC.

  • List on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • List on CEX Exchanges
  • Complete 10 donations
  • Reach 1,000 holders
  • Burn $500,000 in tokens on ATH
  • Start development of utilities
  • Previews & Beta Tests for the utilities
  • First NFT drop where money from sales go to charity

PHASE 2 - Q1 2022

List on top DEX & CEX exchanges. Have beta tests ready for all utilities.

  • The $SHIB Minesweeper game beta release for holders
  • Release the video platform for all holders of $RIDGE
  • Start developing Share 2 Earn function for the video platform
  • Launch our marketplace for crypto freelancers
  • Bug testing and preparing beta version of our P2P exchange
  • Start developing our NFT marketplace
  • Complete 25 donations
  • Reach 10,000 holders

PHASE 3 - Q2 2022

Public release for most of our utilities and final versions & bug testing completed. 

  • Strong marketing campaigns for our crypto marketplace for freelancers
  • Public release for our Video Platform and Share to Earn function
  • First NFT drop where money from sales go to charity
  • Beta release & bug fixes for the NFT Marketplace
  • Release the P2P exchange
  • Release the $SHIB game
  • Beta release for the NFT Marketplace
  • Share to Earn platform fully functional
  • Complete 50 donations
  • Reach 25,000 holders
  • Huge donation: $250,000 – $500,000 for poor countries through official charities

PHASE 4 - Q3 2022

All utilities mentioned in the whitepaper released. Continue working on other crypto related utilities.

  • Start development for a Launchpad Contract
  • Start development of our own DEX
  • Start development of our own Crypto Wallet
  • Release the NFT Marketplace
  • All utilities mentioned before fully functional & marketing for each
  • Complete 100 donations
  • Reach 150,000 holders
  • Huge donation – $500,000 – $1,000,000 for poor countries through official charities
  • Liquidity re-lock, token burns, team allocation burns
  • List on over 10 CEX exchanges including major ones
  • Discuss with our holders what steps next they would like to see
  • Renounce ownership of the contract
  • Bridge to another chain
  • Second token launch, part of our ecosystem with more functions in the contract such as staking and providing rewards in $RIDGE

Our vision

The team behind $RIDGE has consistently delivered and helped other tokens develop their own utilities. We have teamed up with one goal in mind, to become a serious token with multiple utilities for a better decentralized world. Our mission is to become a major player in the cryptoverse while supporting charities & helping developers and creative people with their startups!



Inspired by Ridgeback (Ridgeback Inu) and the strongest Ridgeback Inu Community!

Ridgeback is an infamous dog breed… With a Lion Heart and actually a dog that can fight a lion!

This is why our token’s primary use case will be charity. Instead of reflections and sending beer money to a ton of people that don’t make sense, our token will collect taxes in its donations wallet. Later, once a decent sum will be accumulated, these money will be sent by a vote from all holders to a charity or organization of their choice, that all voted for.

Ridge is made to help kids, sick people, young talents, creative developers, victims of rugs, etc.

As a dog breed, Ridgebacks are very helpful and a real friend to their owner and their surroundings. Our Ridge is created with education and fun in mind. We will have a video platform with cool content, provide Netflix rebates for purchases and we have developed a video platform with a share to earn program.

The share to earn videos program will be managed by our community and any motivational video they create related to charity, crypto, animals or other animations will be added on our platform and based on the amount of views the creator will be rewarded tokens.

On a later phase, we will have NFTs later to showcase the amount of Ridgeback breeds over the world. These will be created by a real life artist who is drawing in monasteries and Orthodox churches over Eastern Europe and worked as an art teacher for 15 years.

We have developed a cool $SHIB game, being loyal Shiba Inu holders for over a year now and a proud part of the #SHIBARMY. Everyone can request to get a beta test of our game in the official Telegram group and we will reach to you!

We have plans to launch a marketplace for Freelancers, Crypto Marketing Services and Developers, similar to other job platforms, but with Crypto in mind.

Services on the marketplace will be only available paid with ETH and RIDGE tokens and the price will be better than what you can find elsewhere, plus every holder will get perks and discounts based on the amount of RIDGE they hold.

We have plans to create a bridge to Polygon, or a wrapped clone, maybe even a second token especially for investors who do not want to pay the huge ETH fees. Anyways, we are huge ETH fans and we think it’s the future and we consider ETH and Polygon to be the heart for serious projects.

To our community, we can promise honest and loyalty, no fake promises for CMC or CG and in the beginning, we will aim for decentralization and listing on ShibaSwap, FEGEx, create partnerships with leading DEX exchanges and later on we will consider listing on CEX and CMC/CG once we meet the volume they require.

The core team is formed by one of the top holders in #Saitama; #Leash and #Shib! We think these tokens deserve the credit for mentioning above, but they did even more and make this all possible for us. Previously, we have worked on helping on charity events and we finally decided, to make everything easier, with cryptocurrency in mind.

We find the Ridgeback the most suitable dog for this purpose and decided to name our token RIDGE, because we are strong as lions, respect all honest people and protect all our friends!

#CEO – Marco

🐦MandingoAfrikano is the CEO and Founder of $RIDGE that organizes all our strategies, frequently attending business conferences and events related to cryptography. Entrepreneur and Investor with over 20 years of experience. His second love is #SaitamaInu and he is one of the top holders there, buying every dip.

#CFO – Nick

🐦ShibaVelas is the CFO of $RIDGE dealing with all finance related tasks and taking care for each and every holder individually. In crypto since 2020 as an investor & finance advisor with huge gains and success. In $RIDGE he is insuring that all funds are spent correctly and is taking care of charity & donations. Loyal #SHIBARMY soldier.

#CCO – Alyosha

🐦Alyosha is our Chief Channel officer has 11 years of experience in Programming and
5+ years of experience in customer support & linux operative systems. Supervised the development of
over 10 crypto projects. A real life friend with our CTO they are working hand in hand for the overall good of the $RIDGE project.

#CTO – Sale

🐦Sale is helping with the overall growth and development of the project, consulting with the core team members and has experience in programming and IT.
Into Digital Marketing since 2015. awareness and real life adverts for $RIDGE, billboards, celebrities, etc. Helping the CEO & CMO to hire new marketeers and explore possibilities.

#MODERATOR – Gavrilo

🐦Gavrilo is our chat mod, with passion into cryptocurreny and the blockchain work. He is dedicated to the $RIDGE project and also helping our marketing team to organize and create new strategies, as well as reaching  to other crypto projects and arranging our partnerships. He is new into crypto, but has experience in the IT sector and Digital Marketing.


🐦Kruno is in charge for all our NFTs, he is taking care for designs and is also managing our #RidgebackInu crypto community in his available time, keeping people up to date with our progress and ensuring everything is running smoothly. He also has his own NFT project and has a lot of NFTs of his own on OpenSea.


🐦Tony is the project advisor at $RIDGE, helping us form legal entities required for charity & collecting donations as well as handing them out to the right people that really need them. A real life friend and has met each one of us in person, he is also in charge for organizing #RIDGE parties and helping us move in the right direction.


🐦Nemanja is an ambassador at $RIDGE, holder since day 1, a real diamond hand and does a lot of work as a volunteer for the project, by reaching to Influencers and arranging deals and packages. In real life, he is a truck driver and a friend with the core team members. He has been very helpful to the team overall and helped us arrange many deals with infuencers.